You can find anything serious you might be looking for at my official page, the rest will be around here; not much yet.


Things I am working on in my free time aren't many, though. For sure there is my car, my motorcycle and my 50 cc that need fixing every once in a while. For those who know my cars: in Aug 2004, I finally had to trash my yellow Golf 1. It still ran nice but I could not quite convince them to give it another TÜV. In Dec 2007 I also had to trash my 150-euro red Peugeot 205. The clutch was broken, which finally convinced me to get rid of it; a broken brake pipe, a non-closing door and a hard to replace exhaust tube did not. I have then driven a nice white mercedes, Diesel, Automatik for a while, which I had found on ebay. It was carrying me back and forth between Tübingen and Berlin, totalling 150,000 km, without a single incident but a hatchback is just a drag as is the ban of red-plackard cars from Berlin, btw. I am now driving a Renault Scènic which runs on autogas.

I am also no longer killing my time with the G3 powerbook or my Sun Ultra 10 I talked about earlier. They did teach me alot though. The so far last install of gentoo was on a COMPAQ Armada M700 with docking station. However, it gets barely used these days because I went for a 17-inch MacBook Pro! also running WinXP and Ubuntu in Virtualbox. I love it!

What else?

Well, I picked up sports again a little bit more serious. Tübingen is a little far from the real fun, but you can find me on my inline-skates or on my bike. Most recenly I also rediscoverd swimming.

In the evenings you usually find me drinking beer with friends to discuss life, the universe and all the rest. ("Art Cafe", "Collegium", "Last Resort", "Kelter", "Sternwarte", in given order, but try the lab first!)


I finally found some time to read.
I specifically enjoyed: Bill Bryson ("A Short History of Nearly Everything"), Thomas L. Friedman ("The World is Flat"), David Friedman ("Hidden Order"), and similar books by various authors like "Freakonomics", "The Undercover Economist", "Tipping Point", "The Logic of Life", etc. I love this kind of books. I always suspected the world to work like this. Makes me feel even funnier in my idealism.
Btw, in case you want to surprise me with a present, here is my amazon-wishlist.


Quoting from The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedmann:
"[...] globialization has its upsides and downsides. [...]. Of course there are costs to this growth as well - in terms of environment, social cohesion, and economic equality, which governments need to monitor and mitigate - but lets's stop downplaying the economic benefits, and let's stop pretending that the antiglobalization advocates have any realistic strategy for bringing as many people out of poverty as quickly - if at all."

Well, there are some obvious and immediate problems: What are all these people going to eat, and where will the energy come from to sustain this without further compromizing the environment? The solutions will in part come from Biologists and I would love to work on one or several of them.


Things I like

Just a list I made for myself.